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Both for you and your audience. It is your audience that determines your future, your survival. We care for its opinion, its attitude, finally for its purchases and loyalty. So our care has a broader view. Embrace it.


Our core business is development of marketing & business technologies. And we deliver real value to you. Still, we have developed vertical services upstream and downstream for most of the time the good implementation depends on details. We strive to control everything for you to succeed.


Seriously creative! Not just “artistic” creative. Engineering creative. We don’t just color the things. We work with the data. We find patterns. Then the colors. And of course the engineering. Creativity in every step of marketing and business planning, implementation and control!


Crystal Cut sa provides integrated solutions for business and marketing success through the use of advanced technologies and the content of large databases.
Our company was founded in 1993 and has provided solutions to dozens of Greek and multinational companies. Our engineers create a large portion of the software we use and most often vertical solutions are applied which span from conception of ideas and strategy to their complete implementation.

Our Services


Web design

Print Design

Direct Response Creative


Web based applications development

Web development

Web chat support

Content management

Search Engine Optimization


Social listening

Facebook applications

Facebook Fan Page management


Whiteboard animation video production

Crystal-WAV is a set of Crystal Cut SA's integrated services, that focuses on producing "whiteboard animation" videos.

• Script Creation - Content shown or spoken
• Animation - Video creation with illustrated designs
• Voiceover - Script audio recording
• Background music - Adding background music to video



SMS center

• SMS competitions
• Info channels were the customer demands information on specific issues.
• Communication between member clubs Connection to our SMSC can be achieved via HTTP, Web Services, Web Interface. An online reporting tool is available for our clients to help them monitor the traffic of SMS.

Bulk SMS

We have the ability to send large volumes of SMS in very short time in very low cost. Our platform have the following capabilities:
• Custom originator up to 11 characters
• Personalized SMS
• Long SMS up to 459 characters
• Detailed delivery reporting
• Scheduled deliveries
• Fast delivery up to 8 SMS/sec

SMS marketing

SMS application provider


Call Center

For the trustful application of the programs we create for you, a ‘smart’ call center of 30 work places, capable to handle more than 5.000 inbound or outbound calls, operating daily 9-9 and during the weekends 9-5. It presents all the technical possibilities of the most advanced centers and it overcomes them: its competitive advantage lies in the fact that its agents can directly during the service send information through fax, e – mail or SMS/ MMS optimizing the image of service that the (prospective) client is receiving. And because the software is designed internally, there are no limits that are imposed by stereotyped solutions for call centers. Everything can work through an integration of ‘means’ for your success.

Instant messaging

Inbound Email handling

Inbound SMS handling

Complaint management


Back office

We import data from questionnaires, coupons, vouchers etc. We manage orders received from any medium and we index, edit and execute them. Invoices are published when necessary after issuing specific documentation for you. We manage accounting. We publish statistics and full references. We offer credit card billing terminals. We collect for you and tranfer you the money. We can offer you all the office services that contribute to sales or management. We can buy gifts for a competition. We manage the full buying cycle – Storage – Availiability – Returns. We send couriers. We observe situations and continually report to you.

Email services

We send for you bulk e – mail personalized or not with a very low cost. Furthermore, we create a mail ‘inbox’ for you. We can process electronically all messages. We could answer automatically or manually. We can filter them, and forward to you only those that interest you.

• Data Entry • Laser printing • DM services
• Inserting / Packaging • Coupon handling
• Warehousing • List rental • List compiling
• Logistics & Fulfilment


Strategy Development

Approach of the internal and external environment of an organization’s marketing systems and information technologies, detection of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, development of alternative strategies in the direction of the above in order to face the problem we are called to solve and choice of the best solution by using as criteria the Return On Investment (ROI) or the maximization of a (prospective) client’s lifetime value. Analysis is always aiming to the creation of true value for the system client – organization and the proposals that are driven from the economics of the relationship and the application of advanced technologies, almost always constitute innovative challenges.

Predictive modeling

Market research

Relational Analysis and forecast of a problem’s variables by using the internal and external environment of an organization, based on the whole spectrum of statistical methods that could provide the appropriate model. From the simple diagnosis of a consumer’s profile till the more composite forecast of the consumer’s evasion, techniques from descriptive statistics (means, frequencies, cross tabulations and T-tests) till the more composite of induction, correlation or the use of special analytics (regression, cluster, conjoint, Box Jenkins, Markov chains) or data mining, all the tools are present to achieve the accurate diagnosis.

Data analytics


We define as CRM the organizational core strategy that integrates internal processes and operations with external networks in order to create and deliver value to profitable customers. CRM lies in high level of customer data and can be applied with the help of advanced informative technologies. We can analyze a CRM oriented system by using a five stage value chain: Analysis of customers’ portfolio Development of in-depth perception of customers Network development Development of value proposition Management of a client’s life cycle We possess the infrastructure that consist CRM’s settings , without which its application is considered impossible.

Database marketing


S/W development

We design the software of most of our applications. By using chosen software and electronic engineers, we cross the limits of standardized solutions and when needed, we innovate. For example, we created from scratch the software that standardizes and cleans customer data (you can read for these services at the section List Management Services).

System analysis and design

We propose innovative solutions, but we do not stop in ideas. We move to their implementation. And then we develop a tactical analysis and design of the materialization system. We study the goals, the needs, the processes, the resources, the limits. Our ability in system applications consists our competitive advantage since by being aware of the technological applications, we do not propose unachievable technological or economical solutions. And conversely, by understanding the area of solutions, we generate new alternatives.


Identify and extract data attributes within structured and unstructured data sources to ensure components are relocated to correct fields.

Data Standardization

Standardize names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, ids, tax ids, dates, occupations and any other customer attributes using tables of standards (dictionaries). The standardization process follows rules created in collaboration with the client so that the end result is the desirable one. The records to be processed are compared to standards (dictionaries) using specialized algorithms and are verified, corrected, enriched.

Address Standardization

• Orthographical correction (ΣΟΦΩΚΛΕΟΥΣ -> ΣΟΦΟΚΛΕΟΥΣ)
• Standardization (ΕΛ. ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟΥ -> ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟΥ ΕΛΕΥΘ.)
• Validation (street/city existence)
• Zip Code check/correction/enrichment
• Problematic addresses flagging

Names Standardization

• Gender check/correction/enrichment
• Incomplete names enrichment (Διον. -> Διονύσιος)
• Insertion of cases in lowercase with accent
• Baptized name (Μήτσος, Δημήτρης -> Δημήτριος)
• Latin name/surname (ELOT 743 transliteration)
• Problematic names/surnames flagging

Data Matching

Identify duplicate records, relationships, households using decreasing criticality rules defined in collaboration with the client. Create the ‘best customer record’ for each group of identified records based on the quality of data of individual records of the group.

Data Enrichment

Add missing information from internal or external relations.

Database management

We manage customer databases for our clients, and we give them the opportunity to access them through the Internet. We accomplish all operations and care specifically for data security and protection.

Data cleansing

Data mining

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